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airbus factory - ready aircraftWe discussed a little bit about the aviation. We know that traveling can not be far from the means of transportation including air transportation. Speaking of air transportation, we can not be separated from international giant airplane manufacturers Boeing and Airbus.

Well this time we will discuss a little about the Airbus headquarters in Toulouse, France.

Toulouse, a large city in France, located about 680 km from Paris. With a population of around 1,250,251 inhabitants. Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France after Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

Toulouse is the center of the aerospace industry in Europe. The city where the headquarters of Airbus are, where Galileo Positioning Sytem is located and a number of other aviation industry.

In addition Toulouse is also an icon of industrial cities where Intel (processor manufacturer) Europe is headquartered there.

airbus factory at blagnac toulouse french

Back to Airbus. Airbus factory in Toulouse is actually located in the city of Blagnac, a suburb on the outskirts of Toulouse. There was the Airbus factory is located, as shown on the map. Factory with the largest production line assembling the Airbus A320, A330, A340, A350 and A380. Airbus also has a production assembly line in Hamburg Germany. The factory in Hamburg to work on the interior of the type A318, A319, A321 and A380. Airbus also has plans to relocate the final assembly of the type Airbus A320 to Hamburg. Besides in Toulouse and Hamburg, Airbus also has an assembly plant in Seville – Spain, Tianjin – China, and Mobile Alabama – USA.

We can see that Tianjin – China is the only one Airbus aircraft assembly plant outside Europe (also America). In Tianjin – China, Airbus assembly plant is able to absorb up to 1000 workers and began operations in early 2010 at a location that has a land area of about 30,000 square meters.

Almost all the major airlines in Indonesia rely on Airbus to strengthen its fleet. These are, Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, Lion Air, Batik Air, and Air Asia. Moreover Lion Air.

Lion Air was recorded in the history of Airbus sales by making the largest purchase. At around the beginning of 2013 Lion Air record by purchasing Airbus aircraft with a total value of 18.4 billion euros.

Even French President Francois Hollande said at the time that the transaction is an agreement which he described as the largest in the history of civil aviation that will create five thousand jobs in France over the next ten years then. In such transactions Lion Air to buy 60 Airbus A320 types for about 100 million euros per unit. The rest is for the purchase of type A320 Neo. As it is known that Neo is a refinement of the conventional A320 type with more fuel efficient.

Until now the process of delivery of Airbus aircraft to Lion Air is still ongoing. However, for a new type of Neo will be sent to Lion Air Indonesia and began to be used in 2016.

So in fact, if I may say that Airbus live well from Indonesia’s orders – no…. that’s only a joke 🙂 –

Just imagine to fulfill the orders Airbus could absorb about 5,000 jobs. That’s just from Lion Air only. Yet from the biggest Indonesian airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, and a lot more ..

airbus factory - ready aircraft

Getting photos from a colleague, We can see that Airbus A320 aircraft ordered by Batik Air is ready. We can also see other aircraft ordered by another airlines from another country over the world. A320 Batik Air aircraft is ready to fly to the Indonesia.

Could the Airbus build an assembly plant in Indonesia …? As we know that Indonesia is the largest consumer of Airbus …..

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