n219-780x390Previously discussed regarding the first roll out of the N219, airplane that is 100% made by Indonesians.

Then continued with a discussion of local content used on the N219 aircraft, and main display inside the N219 cockpit.

So what actually is the price of N219 aircraft….? Lets check it out….

The Multi-purpose aircraft using two turboprop engines from pratt and whitney USA. For carrying passengers purpose, the aircraft is capable of carrying 19 passengers.

N219 whis is designed and carried out by the Indonesian nation is worth about 5-6 million USD per unit.


The plane, which uses about 40% local component is able to take off in a relatively short runways. N219 is able to take off on the runway which has a length of between 500-600 meters. So this aircraft is suitable for remote areas. Where normally the airports in that region has a limited runway and also limited ATC navigational facilities.


Here are the specs of N219 aircraft:

Max. Cruise Speed : 215 Kts
Max. Range @available playload : 831 nm
Stall Speed : 59 Kts
Takeoff distance : 435 m
Landing distance : 485 m
Max. Take off weight : 7.030 Kg
Operaring empty weight : 4.305 Kg
Maximum payload : 2.318 Kg
Usefull load : 2.750 Kg
Max. Fuel capacity : 1.588 Kg
Available payload with maximal fuel : 1.157 Kg
Cruise Altitude : 10.000 ft
Max. Ceiling altitude : 24.000 ft

image source: kompas .com & pustaka digital indonesia

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