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eden hotelWell … a few weeks ago our family went to the island of Bali. We decided to go to Bali by road. Why? Besides being cost effective, offers a diverse selection of road new experience for children, as previously they have been invited to travel by plane. Now the children can feel the road touring four-wheel drive and also navigate the straits on a ferry. Certainly a new experience for them.

Our trip did in the morning.

fery selat bali

After traveling about 14 hours, as far as about 420 km, we arrived at Denpasar. The capital city of the Bali island. What … .14 hours? Why took u so long bro ……? Yes this is a family touring trip, in addition to relaxing, we had to stop several times for lunch, prayer and stopped at my brother house in Paiton 🙂

Actually, we have planned to stay at a hotel in Kartika Plaza area, Kuta, Bali. The road to the Eden Hotel is relatively easy. Our search in the middle of the night is not so difficult to find. Arriving in the city of Denpasar, after entering Jalan Gatot Subroto, I made my android gps activated, heading to Kartika plaza. And … jreng jreng take no time we entering the Kartika plaza road, and that he is, Eden Hotel. The hotel is located almost at the end of the kartika plaza road, the south side of the road near the airport.

eden lobby 2

eden hotel room

Had passed, because the hotel does not have a big nameplate acctually. We arrived at the Eden Hotel. A bit of paperwork, we headed to rooms located on the 2nd floor. Was already quiet bro…  of course because we entered the room around 23:00 pm WITA

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